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Ice Cream for One

Ice Cream. The most idyllic two-word concept and cause of instant happiness. We have a sweet tooth over here at Mejuri, and we don’t shy away from this God-send milky substance. In  fact, we would actually say it’s one of our favorite Summer accessories to wear with our jewelry. It goes so well with any chain ring we have that day, gold or silver, there is no denying the chemistry. We particularly feel this way about our evil eye; there’s just something about the pop of blue that makes us want to hold anything in sight (and snap pictures of it). Yes, it’s an excuse to show off our goods, but we don’t think anyone minds. We’d dare say it’s just the opposite.



Pic by Melissa Male
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Coffee and Blue Vibes

Last week, we came across this picture of fashion blogger Neeli and could not resist giving it a name: Coffee and Blue Vibes. By looking at it, we felt at peace; we felt warm and melancholy, and we all agreed this was the ideal setting for the good vibes the Guardian Eye gives off.  The texture, the warm colors and overall feel of the image was the perfect place for our Evil Eye chain ringand the more we stared at it the more we fell in love with the aesthetic and the style. Simple yet sophisticated, the evil eye stands out; unquiet but not loud, smiling. Wouldn’t you say so?


Pic by Neeli @neuroodyssey
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Hello, Feral Creature

We define Feral Creature as a woman who holds no reservations and has a wild and untamed spirit.  You could say the modern woman is a feral creature; she knows what she wants and she goes for it. She is strong and poised but is not afraid to cut from the urban chains. Fashion blogger Jacquie Alexander (pictured) is one of these “feral creatures.” Her clean, sophisticated whites are broken by the icy silver of the Boheme The Fox Anklet in such a delicate way, you wouldn’t expect it to be part of her ensemble. And that’s the thing about feral women, you never see them coming.


Pic by Jacquie Alexander
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Blue Skies and Tequila Sunrises

Say hello to blue skies and tequila sunrises! We’re practically willing Summer to get here by creating cocktails of colorful hues. Personally, tequila sunrises (or multiple attempts at it) have been a wonderful distraction to mix with our Pop chain rings, and make the 4 degrees outside an isolated reality. Because we love experimenting and innovating our drinks, as much as our jewelry, in one of our attempts at “Tequila Sunrising” we found a twist that we now feel we should trademark. After adding the main, basic ingredients (Orange juice, Tequila, a bit of Grenadine), we came across a little bag of chili powder and instantly decided to sprinkle it to the rim of the glass. The results? Spicy, sweet and deliciously refreshing. Now we get to pretend we’re in Mexico.


Pic from Pinterest.


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The Mother of All Days

The Mother of ALL days is coming! Yes, Mother’s Day. That wonderful 24 hr-period (maybe 12), where husbands, lovers and their offspring run off to stores to purchase a last-minute gift for the most important woman in their lives. We know events like these can be stressful, but that’s why planning ahead and making sure she gets something she loves not only saves the rush, but also ensures her Happiness. We may be a little biased, but we believe a beautiful piece of jewelry is always welcome and never overrated. Our carved Happiness pendants have 14 carat gold vermeil bath with a semi-precious stone. But the most precious thing of all will be to put a smile on her face, because it will speak to her personality as much as her style.

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It’s a POP Revolution

It’s a pop revolution! The rise of pop is unstoppable. Pop is not just an idea, it is a lifestyle portrayed in music, movies and now, jewelry pieces. Just in time for Spring, our Pop Collection  is here to stay. Playful and vibrant, each chain ring and bracelet is set with with a colorful, semi-precious stone to brighten your look. The best part is their versatility! On those days we feel like a whimsical David Bowie song, we layer for a rainbow effect. On days we feel a bit more dainty Taylor Swift, we wear solo for a subtle hint of color. The combinations are endless.


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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so as a fine jewelry brand, we couldn’t delay the introduction of diamonds and genuine stones to our collections any longer. And here is it is: “Solitaire”, a fine new collection featuring 14k solid gold chain rings, each set with a single diamond or precious stone. We worked with suppliers who source conflict-free, socially responsible diamonds and stones. We used a minimalistic design with an added contemporary chain ring for everyday wear. The results? Now we can’t stop staring at them.

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The Little Black Dress of Jewelry

Every woman has one of those: The Little Black Dress. That iconic, essential piece of clothing that lets the world know you are confident, feminine and a little bit of a rockstar. Minimalistic black dresses are the best: they can be dressed up or down and are always in fashion. But, why is it that this “little black” item only exists in dress form? We shook our heads at the thought, and took the inspiration to make your favourite LBD into jewelry pieces. The incredible news?  We designed neck-framing necklaces, slimming double bars and contouring rings to stay true to the concept of the LBD, but with an 18k gold vermeil bath to set it apart from the basics, while keeping it minimal for everyday.

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The 90’s are Back

The 90’s are back and bigger than ever. Trends from the lively era have started to flourish and making the 21st century their personal playground. The streets are now covered with minimalist two-pieces, leather jackets, pixie cuts, and our personal favorite: the choker. This popular piece of “jewelry” has made a grand comeback and made us all converts in the process. Once our 90’s nostalgia became serious, we knew we wanted more than the plastic, flimsy versions we used to wear as teenagers, so we set out to make our own, (precious not plastic). We captured the essence of modernity through our sterling silver Boheme Spirit choker and the classic Gravity V-choker, mixing the classic and the contemporary to honor and redefine the 90’s most coveted item. 


Pic by Hunt for Styles 


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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Every little thing she does is magic, indeed. As women, we often forget about the power of our own beings. How we move and how we are affects our confidence, and there is nothing more beautiful or powerful than a confident woman. Women entrepreneurs are one of the most coveted resources in the business world. Our determination and drive has enabled us to make beautiful things happen, and at Mejuri there is nothing we admire more than knowing all the women we work with and our audience gets empowerment from our story as much as our jewelry.


Pic by Fake Leather