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Kendall Jenner Styles Mejuri’s Evil Eye Necklace

Kendall Jenner can do no wrong. Her independent rise to modelling and style icon has skyrocketed in the past year. The world has all eyes on her, and she is “wearing” all eyes too. In the last couple months, Jenner has been very fond of our good vibes, by wearing Mejuri’s blue evil eye necklace in multiple occasions. Style your own good vibes too! This is how Kendall Jenner styles Mejuri’s Evil Eye necklace.


kendallevileye3Kendall is spotted wearing the evil eye with a side of arm candy (AKA. Justin Bieber). She is all smiles in a grey casual sweater, and everyday makeup.

Style tip: To get her look, simply pair your evil eye with a light, cream or grey colored top and keep your hair flowy and accessories to a minimal. Let the blue pop on its own. Bieber optional.


kendallevileyeTo keep it on the casual wagon, Kendall styles the evil eye necklace with a white top and a black choker. Her effortless look is equal parts rock n’ roll yet dainty and chic.

Style tip: Get the look by layering a simple 90’s choker with the evil eye necklace. A white top will enhance the blue in the evil eye (and the black of the choker) creating the perfect supermodel off-duty look.




Last but definitely not least, the lovely Kendall goes a little glam for her final evil eye necklace look. In this version, she wears the necklace with a beautiful dark top, creating an allure and uniqueness that makes the blue pop in the most sensual way.

Style tip: For this look, try pairing your evil eye necklace with a mesh, lace or similar black top, and let the eye do its magic.

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The holidays are fast approaching! Between the fruit cakes, sequin dresses and wonderful parties, finding the perfect gift for those we love can become more of a stressful task than a joyous venture. The convenience of online stores makes it much easier (and fun!) to shop, with none of the “waiting in line” complications. So, if you want something unique, beautiful and lasting, have we got a treat for you! Keep reading to find out how you can skip the holiday drama with unique evil eye jewelry: a perfect holiday gift.


The evil eye or guardian eye is said to protect against negative energy and ward off bad luck. Plus, it is an incredibly stylish piece of jewelry, which has gone from fashion trend to style staple. Seen in street fashion and high fashion alike, this unique symbol for positivity is the perfect gift for any woman who not only wants something different this season, but covets good vibes.


evileyebluering evileyeringsilverameliaevileyeblue

The evil eye chain ring is an iconic piece, exclusively designed by Mejuri. It sits delicately around the finger and provides that unique pop of color to any holiday outfit. We say, change up the classic shimmer and go for blue this holiday season! And with both choices of pure gold or 925 sterling silver, you can choose the finish you like most.



For a more sleek look, the evil eye bracelet is the perfect choice! These pieces looks as beautiful as the ring, but they will amp that blue pop even more. If she loves to make a statement, the gold version is for her. If she loves a subtler gleam, the silver version wins the lottery. PS. they’re also fun to layer! And we promise, no matter what you choose, she will have all eyes on her.

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xsandosstars necklacestarsxomidiring


Soft. Sexy. Endearing: Soft edges with Amelia Liana is our new featured collection! This collection is inspired by women’s dual nature; their sugar and spice. Playful and endearing, like Amelia Liana, the pieces are a reflection of her chic style and witty/sweet personality with a hint of edginess. The inspiration for SOFT EDGES stems from the idea women have strength and sweetness dwelling within them; that they are soft, sexy but also have an edge of playfulness that reflects in the chains and angles from the pieces. Pop and Playful, Pretty and Posh like Amelia, the jewelry is meant to make every woman feel happy, beautiful and above all things, unique.


starringAMELIAXMEJURI_MIDIRING_silver  cuff

Amelia is a London-based fashion and beauty blogger whose influence and style has gained her a top place in thousands of women’s hearts. Her passion for fashion, lifestyle and all around-goodness is an intoxicating mix that all women can relate to. She is the girl next door we all want to be friends with, and the best friend who shares her tips on bright lipstick or waxing habits. Amelia has conquered youtube with her playful personality, and combined with some edgy appeal, she has managed to sparkle like the stars and X’s an d O’s of this collection.


allstars starsbraceletMXA_bar_studs2

Link yourself to the stars, glisten and gleam in these gorgeous duo-star pieces made of gold dipped sterling silver. Or chain your sweetness and edginess in one in these dainty asymmetrical crawlers with a chain made of gold dipped sterling silver with cubic zirconia stones.


ameliatriangleearjackets pyramid earring frontMxA_midi_ringxostar

Fall for geometric shapes in the gorgeous midi-ring and pyramid studs for women with a “sharp” sense of fashion. And show off your angles in the triangular earring jackets made of gold dipped sterling silver with cubic zirconia stones.


linesringsilver MxA_silver_bracelet

Cross the serious fashion line with playful and meet in the middle with a silver lining in this ring and cuff. Soft and sharp, these silver items are made in rhodium dipped sterling silver, for women who love effortless style with none of the complications.

X’s & O’s

MxA_XO_ring xo ring front

Link yourself with Xs and Os in this dainty beauty with a playful meaning. Sweet yet spicy, this XO ring made of pure 18k gold will make heads turn. Are you ready to show ALL your edges?

View Amelia speak about the collection here!


Nature is getting greener and so is our jewelry! Shine on Sunshine! The chic and stylish Diana Enciu @fabmuse_diana is ready for an emerald Spring in the statement Zamrud ringTo get her edgy style, pair a cool pattern (like stripes, who doesn’t love ’em?) and break the continuity with an edgy ring for some Summer pop. We like colorful pieces for an extra dose of je ne sais quoi.



Summer is the time for all kinds of shine! We love how the gorgeous Priscilla Ventura @stylemechic styles two of our favorite pieces: the pearl love ring and black heart necklace. To get this look, find a piece of jewelry with a very feminine finish, anything with a pearl will do wonders. In addition, don’t forget to contrast it with a subtle yet unexpected chain, the black heart necklace adds a touch of uniqueness to an otherwise simply feminine piece.

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Summer is here and we are melting inside and out! This season is hot, hot hot, and we want you to look as fiery as the weather. So, here are our picks for Wild Summer Jewelry!



Summer jewelry should show off who you are; it should make a statement that you are loving the time in the Sun and beautifying every corner you make. Rings with large stones, or unique shapes make a great addition to summer wardrobes, since they add that pop of color your whites need. If you prefer patterns, mix those up with your jewelry but make sure the pattern is consistent; after all, you want your jewelry to shine not blend in.


clawring alotheshorse

Embracing Summer is also about embracing different fashions. Claws are as popular as smoothies this season, and lovely bronze goddesses know that these don’t need to be aggressive to be seen. Choose daintier pieces, like earrings and rings to spice up your outfits without making it too busy. You can even wear colorful shades and simply add the golden or silver tones to enhance your bronzy glow.



Showing your wild side with a side of soft can also be gorgeous and enticing. For those girls who love pastels or light shades, these claw beauties can also be combined with wardrobes that add some spice to their sugar.

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Your Horoscope can determine not only certain personality traits and behaviors, but also your sense of style! Taking these tips on each sign, find the jewelry to match your horoscope II and keep you true to your stars.



Aries are full of life and energy. These women are curious and love challenge naturally, so their style is perhaps more edgy yet playful. For these strong ladies, we recommend jewelry that looks as strong as they are; a piece that creates a statement of who they are and are not afraid to show it.


photo 5

Taurus lovelies are women who are peaceful and enjoy sensual pleasures, including luxury! This sign is methodical and hardworking, so they deserve a piece that reflects all their parts. A piece that is feminine, and has a soft feeling to it is the best choice, since they add the appeal of luxury these girls love!



The Twins, this sign is loaded with double trouble! Geminis are talkative, curious and adventurous by nature. These ladies love to experience new things and people and they are always open for different engagements. We love jewelry that is as open as this sign is, so opting for a piece that reflects this sense of openness and wonder, like the evil eye ring is the perfect choice.



Libra ladies seek balance and beauty in their lives. They are lovers of nature and peace and seek justice. For these girls, we think pieces that have a structure are the most fitting, since they add the asymmetrical balance this sign sometimes lack. A nice pendant or earrings with a geometrical shape will help these sweet girls’ style.



Scorpios are mysterious women. Ladies under this sign are very passionate, contemplative and seekers of intense pleasures. Because they often crave uniqueness, beauties under this sign like jewelry with a twist, and since they are emotional and adore chic pieces, a lovely necklace with a touch of black will show off all their edgy angles and magnetism.



These lovely creatures are creative, feminine and adventurous. This sign loves discovering new things, meeting people and crave freedom. Since these girls love simple shiny things, we think silver jewelry would be a gorgeous option. Any dainty silver piece would be a wonderful choice for these women who like sugar with their spice.


Didn’t see your sign? Read PART 1 here: Match Jewelry to your Sign I


Wild women are also sweet. Editor and blogger Anna James goes into the Wild with us with flowers in her hands. To get her style, pair an edgy looking ring with a dainty feel (like the claw ring pictured) with a wardrobe that says “I may or may not be going to church”; the idea is to soften up the look and let the jewelry speak for itself, blending the lines between daring and sweet.

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Your Horoscope can determine not only certain personality traits and behaviors, but also your sense of style! Taking these tips on each sign, find the jewelry to match your horoscope I and keep you true to your stars.



This lovely sign comes from the Ocean. Girls who are born under this star are generous, dedicated and have a depth that goes beyond themselves. They are communicative, love connection and possess a curiosity of the world that is admirable. For these beauties, we love pieces with a a touch of colored stones that reflects how gentle and thoughtful this sign is.



Capricorns are driven and ambitious. These women know what they want and they go get it; they are natural leaders and tend to be quite intelligent and sophisticated. For these beauties, we love powerful pieces, or simply a layer or stacking of similar pieces that make their personalities sparkle.



Pisces ladies are daydreamers. Women of this sign are docile and deeply caring. They have underlying passion and their beauty is sweet and magnetic. For this sign, we love softer pieces that go with their gentle nature, such as dainty chains with sweet messages to add some sugar to their loveliness.



Ladies born under this sign are dedicated, familiar and love loyalty. They hold on to happiness and beauty and although shy, they are quite courageous. So, for these lovely women, we have gorgeous chains with simplicity but very good vibes. Jewelry with symbols or meanings are great for this sign since they represent all they stand for and who they are.



Oh Leos! These beauties are proud, protective and quite powerful. This sign is particularly intense and has a very outspoken nature; so for these ladies we pick jewelry that its as raw as their personalities. Pieces that show off their claws (quite literally!) are the perfect choice for these feline-goddesses.



Virgos are graceful, logical and nurturing. These ladies are never at rest! They love creating out of nothing, and they are quite the skillful Señoritas. Since they love detail, jewelry that possesses a sleek shape with a pearl, or a stone are lovely choices that will keep the detailed oriented beauties at fashion’s bay.


Didn’t see your sign? Continue onto PART II here: Match your Jewelry to your Sign II
claw ring
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It’s Summer! So, we need to celebrate the free spirited, fabulous, wild women who love bold fashion choices and jewelry pieces. Allison Kennedy-Lovell @faithlord surely is on board! Her style shows some dark appeal paired with a unique ring with wild tendencies. To get the look, go for a neutral wardrobe and accessorize with a statement, yet dainty ring that has an interesting meaning or shape. The claw ring is perfect since it is two in one: dainty and raw! So, ready to show off your claws?