Jewelry Trends


The perfect earring is hard to come by, but when it does, it’s like you have found a new you! A BIG trend this year is the earring jacket. This trend has grown and become one of the most coveted and beautiful fashion statements of the earring-world. SO, ladies are you ready to mix and match? Here’s how to choose the perfect back ear jackets for your style!



In order to choose the right ear jacket, you need to know what style you’re going for. If you’re feeling edgy and daring, we recommend silhouettes with some sex-appeal. Geometric shapes instantly transform any outfit and they add edge and uniqueness to your look. Combine a fun stud with your back charms to make them pop; golden ear jackets look wonderful with black, citrine studs, silver complements black or turquoise studs. Triangle back ear-jackets sharpen the ears in beautiful ways since they peek from the back; letting the world know you are cool chick, and one-of-a-kind.



Who said classic was overrated? Classic back ear-jackets are perfect if you’re feeling elegant & fashionable. Go for pieces that have elegant silhouettes in gold or silver. Clean shapes or elongating shapes are perfect because they add visual interest and create the illusion of glamour. Golden ear jackets with a shiny stud are perfect for a night out, and silver ear jackets with an interesting stud like sapphire can glam up any outfit (even jeans!) Not only are these beauties classic, but they add femininity with a twist to make you feel unique. Remember lovelies, it does not matter what look you are going for, as long as you shine bright and love it: from the front & BACK!

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Jewelry Trends


Stacking rings is a new trend that has taken the world of jewelry by storm! The beauty of this trend is that it can be done with simple rings in the form of layering or take more structured rings and stack them together. So, ladies, we’ll teach you a thing (or two!) on how to layer & stack fashion rings!



Layering rings is a delicate expression of your personality. Now, layering refers to wearing these pieces in separate fingers, but on the same hand. In order to get the most beautiful effect, go for dainty pieces that can go together but do not overshadow each other. A dainty, delicate chain ring with a soft ring with a detail looks gorgeous, but you can also wear two different shades of the same type. Easy as pie, when layering these sweet pieces remember they are feminine like feathers, so wear simple and sweet outfits to compliment them. Cream and lighter shades do wonders for these beauties, especially when paired with more dainty jewelry for a sweet and charming effect!



As opposed to “layering”, stacking rings refers to wearing rings on the same finger. Choose pieces that are more structured and add some architectural appeal and stack away! Rose or gold pieces look wonderful because they add shine and beauty to the simplest outfits. Stacking these rings also elongate the fingers and add sex-appeal, so you won’t need to wear much else! Keep the rest of your jewelry simple, and the rings will do the work for you. Wear the rings with jeans, or casual attire to make them stand out in all their glory! Remember girls, whatever your style, whether you like sweeter pieces or go for more sensual shapes, if you love the ring: layer it, stack it, wear it!





Custom jewelry is beautiful and unique, and can you make you feel very special. There are many perks of buying custom jewelry online! It does not have to be a task, but rather, a pleasure. So, with these tips and tricks you can buy the best pieces that will last.




Custom jewelry is designed not only to serve a specific purpose (to last) but to also feel Earring-WGunique and exclusive to the wearer. Using materials such as 925 sterling silver is great, because it is inexpensive, and it meets its purpose. Earrings and necklaces in this material can also be gold bathed and with the proper care, they will last a very long time. When buying online, make sure you pick your materials. Sometimes delicate pieces such as rings, are better in gold (18k), since this material is sturdier and will make sure dainty jewelry does not break like porcelain! Just pay attention to your style and what finish you love most, and you can be certain your pieces will not only look timeless, but they will be timeless.




Another perk of buying custom jewelry is that you get exclusive designs created by actual designers. Buying this kind of jewelry will give you the satisfaction it is made with care, curated for you because these pieces can also be customized to your desire using precious metals. You can add some sparkle to earrings by matching them with genuine stones, and rings can be customized to your size and material (sterling silver, gold) for a perfect fit! Customizing lets the world know you are one of a kind. After all, let’s not forget, jewels are a girl’s best friend, so pick what you love and treat them kindly, and they will make you feel gorgeous: inside & out.


Jewelry Trends


We know, matching your jewelry to your fashion can be a complicated task, almost as difficult as waking up every morning. But do not fret, with some general tips and styling advice you can follow, this “matchy-matchy” business can become a fun game rather than a messy task. You can thank us later.



The game of matching your jewelry to your fashion is as old as life: Renaissance ladies know a thing or two about jewelry and perfect polished style. Of course, we are not in the Renaissance anymore, but even though our ways of dressing have evolved, there are certain key elements that still remain the same. Styling golden jewelry with red tones is as sensual as it is visually striking. Red and gold are lovers who contrast one another but work together perfectly. Wear golden pieces, cuffs, necklaces or rings and combine it with a pop of red (nails, dress, lipstick) to create a sensual look. For even more visual beauty, pick pieces that are structured so they stand out and complement the red tones you choose to wear.


Black is another beautiful shade to wear with golden jewelry, but usually the pieces you want to combine with this darker shade are more delicate and soft. Choose dainty golden necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and that way these will surely stand out from the black, while still making the look complete. If you go for white/creamy colors, you can layer gold as much as you like, because this shade will not absorb the color or the style of your jewelry!



Silver is a cold shade, but it is still sexy. Fashionable silver jewelry can be worn with softer colors, or deep tones. Choose pieces that are structurally interesting (such as rings) but keep the necklaces more simple. You can also opt for a pair of silver earrings that help elongate your neck, and make sure if you do, the rest of your outfit is as simple as possible. If you are a silver kind-of-girl, remember that even though this shade is not as “bright” as gold it still attracts attention, and given its icy looking nature, it will surely contrast with any dark color you wear. Just keep the pieces to a minimum and focus on one or two areas in order to wear them beautifully and look polished!



Alternatively to silver and gold, pastel tones are a beautiful and fashionable choice as well. Matching pastel ccf581d43728788bbeabd26b061ab842tones are for the girls who are a bit alternative, but still look for something soft and feminine. Wear pastel jewelry (such as rose gold) with light shades to look charming like a garden fairy or with darker tones for a fairy from the best party in town. For the garden fairy, choose necklaces, rings and bracelets with these tones that go with more classic fashion, (such as cream, white, lavender tones). And for the party-fairy, when combining these pastel shades, choose one item to focus on, rather than wearing too many pastel pieces, especially if these pieces have structure, but feel free to combine pastels with other shades of silver OR gold. Remember ladies, we may not be in the Renaissance anymore, but we still can look fabulously royal!



Sweet Treats! Wrap yourself in chic silver & gold dainty pieces from the heart  collection. Can you feel the love? #mejuri #jewelry


February is one of the coldest months of the year, but it is also one of the most romantic. Yes, aside from the fact Valentine’s Day is celebrated this blissful month, there is a beauty in seeing snow, and the frost in the trees. So, taking inspiration from this, we have chosen the best jewelry for women in February!



February is the perfect month to wear ice cold jewelry, and frost yourselves in snowy shades. Silver pieces are great because they are sexy and add just enough spark to any look, without looking overwhelming. Find necklaces in this cool shade that are simple and chic, and wear with earrings with the same tone. Do not forget to style with a silver ring to keep the momentum going, ice queens. Structured pieces in silver also add visual interest and sex-appeal, especially in those days you’re feeling your outfits lack some icy sparkle.




In addition to silver pieces, and especially given it’s Valentine’s Day month, wearing pieces that are sweet but edgy are cool choices. Wear long necklaces on their own, or earrings with some structure to combat the simple monochromatic outfits. February is a month where you can play with shapes, so pieces with some structure are also welcome to decorating your body.




Besides silver, black is the sexiest shade you can wear, ladies. These pieces do not have to be completely bathed in this color, (you are still an ice queen); so try finding pieces with a black detail, earring or necklace for example, look great with a black charm or stud. Rings look beautiful as well, as long as the detail is not overpowering. Black is great because it is unexpected yet classic. Bonus: Think of how gorgeous it will look contrasting with the white snow! So, whether you love silver or gold or black, February is the perfect month to experiment and wear cold, but beautiful jewelry!





Rings and things! The talented and gorgeous Teni Panosian proves a statement ring is la creme de la creme. Her stylish combination of earthy makeup and faux fur are edgy enough to take the Zamrud ring to the next level and compliment it beautifully. Watch the full styling video here.


Layering these beauties is like wearing beautiful lingerie. Soft & sensual  pair with gorgeous red lipstick this #ValentinesDay! #mejuri #jewelry #necklaces
Jewelry Trends


Ladies, layering is not only good for your winter clothes. Lately, we have been in love with layers of jewelry, more specifically, dainty necklaces! We believe it is the easiest and most persuasive way to tell the world you love jewelry without taking away from your beauty. So, here are some styling tips on how to layer dainty necklaces!



In order to layer these beauties, you have to pick the right type of chains. Make sure you choose chains that look fragile like porcelain. Delicate chains are best because layering them will not look overpowering, but rather frame your face in an unintentionally chic way


You can mix what kind of chains you layer: layering gold with other gold chains is best, and silver with silver as well. Same color creates a sensation of continuation, you want to create flow rather than break your style into two, unless this is intended.



Choose necklaces or pendants that also have an interesting detail at the end, like a heart, diamond_cubic_zirconia_goldor a flower. Necklaces that can go together because they are soft aesthetically yet look interesting to look at. If you want to go for a more “bold” look, pick chains with a similar “theme” (ex. evil eye), something that can be layered together even though the style might not be as small. Pieces with texture are okay as long as the second piece you are layering is kept more simple.




Layered necklaces are perfect for anyone! Even if you are a born fashionista or a street cartoonist, this trend goes beautifully regardless of your personal style. Wear them with t-shirts, or open shirts (cream or dark) so they are displayed on your neck, just around your decolletage. You can even style them over sweaters! Because they will contrast with the color you are wearing, and peek through. If you are tomboy-ish they will sweeten your look, and if you are more honey-bee, they will just add the perfect touch of femininity. Feel free to experiment, & remember, these dainty chains are a youthful and charming way to let people know you got layers, girls!


Jewelry Trends


February is a cold mistress, but luckily it also brings the opportunity to try out new fashion! This February, we’re loving shapely and silver jewelry. From geometric to frosted pieces, we have you covered on the trend that will make this winter month as beautiful as it can be! Here are the top jewelry trends for February.



Architectural pieces are like winter snowflakes! They are unique, and made to add some structure to your ensemble. A chunky geometrical cuff in gold is always best, since this sexy shade brings out the lines and silhouettes with irridescent shine! Pick rings in either rose gold, gold or silver, which are like baroque decorations to your body, details that make you stand out, without being ostentatious. And let’s not forget the earrings! Triangle shaped earrings are beautiful and sensual, and will certainly brighten up your winter blues! And if you’re feeling more daring, earring back charms are another trend to try out, in more bold choices of silver with studs. These are guaranteed to own any room you walk in, sunshine!



February is the perfect time of year to embrace the silver jewelry trend! What a better month to frost yourselves in snowy pieces that add some edge. Silver pendants are the perfect choice to make your neck look delicate and shiny. Think of these dainty chains as shimmery eyeshadow, absolutely gorgeous and necessary. Silver bracelets are the icing on a sweet sundae, these bracelets should be thin because the silver already stands out on its own, and keep the details small.


Make sure you wear earrings that are long and slim or small and structured. Silver earrings that are long enhance the neck, and smaller ones simply add bling like a shooting star or snowflake would. So, there you have it ladies: fall in love with february all over again by wearing these fashionable jewelry trends to brighten the days of old man winter!